Unlike through most of the Ukulele’s history, over the past few decades many players now use one or, maybe two, fixed note standard tunings for every Ukulele size.  Our “Short Lists” are tailored to folks with those needs. However, we will caution you that limiting yourself to standard fixed note tuning may well limit your potential for best sound and feel.  The Concert Ukulele, to illustrate the point, is now the only Ukulele family instrument truly suited to the way it is generally tuned.  Still, there are often valid reasons to limit your potential in this fashion.  For one example, the owner of a single instrument who participates in Ukulele group play sessions may want or even need to do this.  But if you are a soloist, or own more than one instrument and are under the impression anything outside these recent standard tunings will somehow be more difficult than how you play at the moment, then to take advantage of all we can offer and to understand how the Ukulele was played in the days of its glory, you may wish to take the time to read through the series linked here:  Tuning Your Ukulele - the Series At that point, the full list is where you’ll want to go.  Advanced players will likely prefer the full list, complete with tension charts for all tunings as well.  Owners of “longneck” and other non-standard sizes will also do best using the Full List.                                             Our Short Lists will contain descriptions only with a brief subjective opinion of feel and sound when tuned to fixed notes and they consist only of the two most currently used standard tunings.  Short lists are grouped by standard Ukulele sizes only.  ********************************* The Short Lists: The most popular tuning at the moment is called “C tuning” (the technical name being C6 tuning).  Those notes are GCEA. The other popular tuning at the moment is called “G tuning”        (the technical name being G6 tuning).  Those notes are DGBE.  ********************************* The Full List: The Full List will provide tension rating charts for all appropriate tunings on a variety of scale lengths, from Sopranino to Classical Tenor Guitar, and will offer alternate form tuning sets as well. 


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